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September 19, 2014

Keep It Hid (LP)

Format:   Vinyl, Gatefold LP jacket

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   February 10, 2009

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   517241-1

Pressed By:   Pallas

Info:   See the Keep It Hid entry.

Extras:    Bonus CD of the entire album in card sleeve.

Track Listing:
A1. Trouble Weights A Ton
A2. I Want Some More
A3. Heartbroken, In Disrepair
A4. Because I Should
A5. Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)
A6. Real Desire
A7. When The Night Comes
B1. Mean Monsoon
B2. The Prowl
B3. Keep It Hid
B4. My Last Mistake
B5. When I Left The Room
B6. Street Walkin'
B7. Goin' Home

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