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July 24, 2014

Magic Potion (Test Pressing)

Format:   180 gram vinyl LP, Plain white LP jacket with data stamp, poly-lined inner sleeve, unsealed perforated tear-strip bag

Label:   RTI - Record Technology Incorporated

Pressed:   2006

Region:   US

Matrix Number:   1-79967 A/B

Pressed By:   Record Technology Incorporated - 17228

Info:   Test pressing LP, extremely rare.

Extras:   RTI Test Evaluation form

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July 10, 2014

Brothers (Test Pressing)

Format:   2xLP, Test Press, Poly-lined sleeves with data sticker

Label:   Pallas Group/Funrace MFG

Pressed:   2010

Region:   US

Matrix Number:   1-520266

Pressed By:   Pallas - 20649/20650

Info:   Test pressing LP, extremely rare.

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
A1. Everlasting Light
A2. Next Girl
A3. Tighten Up
A4. Howlin' For You
B1. She's Long Gone
B2. Black Mud
B3. The Only One
B4. Too Afraid To Love You
C1. Ten Cent Pistol
C2. Sinister Kid
C3. The Go Getter
C4. I'm Not The One
D1. Unknown Brother
D2. Never Gonna Give You Up
D3. These Days

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