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November 30, 2011

The Six Parts Seven / The Black Keys (Split)

Format:   CD EP

Label:   Suicide Squeeze

Released:   2003

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   S029

Info:   Split EP by Ohio bands The Six Parts Seven and The Black Keys, released on September 16, 2003. It features one song by The Six Parts Seven and three live tracks from The Black Keys, recorded during a performance at WMBR on May 16, 2003.

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. A Blueprint of Something Never Finished (Six Parts Seven)
02. The Moan (The Black Keys)
03. Thickfreakness (The Black Keys)
04. Yearnin' (The Black Keys)

November 25, 2011

Lonely Boy - 2011 Record Store Day Limited Edition

Format:   120-gram Vinyl, Standard 12" jacket

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   November 25, 2011

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   529101-1

Info:   Released in commemoration of Record Store Day's "Back to Black" Friday event (November 25, 2011). The cover features an image of a bulldozer sitting on an empty tract of land. The lot was previously filled by the factory at which the group's 2004 album Rubber Factory was recorded. Michael Carney, the group's art director, went to take a photo of the factory but found that it had been demolished. (sealed)

Extras:   Reverse groove 12-inch single

"Back To Black" Friday Lonely Boy Single

Track Listing:
A. Lonely Boy
B. Run Right Back

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November 22, 2011

Your Touch - The EP (Promo US)

 Format:   CD, Standard Jewel case

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   August 15, 2006

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   PRO-CD-101863

Info:   Advance promotional EP CD, containing 'Your Touch' and 'Strange Desire' from The Black Keys' Nonesuch debut album Magic Potion.

Extras:   Track 3 recorded live in Darwin, Australia

Track Listing:
01. Your Touch
02. Strange Desire
03. Thickfreakness (Live)

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November 16, 2011

Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough

Format:   CD, Digipak

Label:   Fat Possum

Released:   May 2, 2006

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   FP1032-2

Info:   See below

Extras:   7th track is an answering message left by Kimbrough's wife for Dan and Patrick expressing pride and gratitude for the tribute.

Track Listing:
01. Keep Your Hands Off Her
02. Have Mercy On Me
03. Work Me
04. Meet Me In The City
05. Nobody But You
06. My Mind Is Ramblin'

Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough is a tribute album by The Black Keys, released on May 2, 2006. Chulahoma was recorded in July 2005 in the basement of 54 Metlin Rd. in Akron, Ohio, and was the band's last record with Fat Possum Records. The title is a reference to Chulahoma, Mississippi.

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iTunes Session

Format:    Digital album

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   October 19, 2010

Catalog Number:   None

Info:   The Black Keys iTunes Session is a digital download album recorded in Toronto in August 2010 during the band's North American summer tour. This ten track digital album includes songs from the duo’s latest album , Brothers, as well as “Your Touch” from their 2006 album, Magic Potion, and opens with “Chop and Change,” which was recently featured on the soundtrack of film Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. Chop and Change
02. Everlasting Light
03. Howlin' for You
04. I'll Be Your Man
05. Next Girl
06. She's Long Gone
07. Sinister Kid
08. Tighten Up
09. Too Afraid to Love You
10. Your Touch

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November 14, 2011

The Moan

Format:   CD, Digipak

Label:   Alive Records

Released:   January 19, 2004

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   0047-2

Info:   See below

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. The Moan
02. Heavy Soul (Alternate)
03. No Fun
04. Have Love Will Travel (Radio Edit)

The Moan is the third release and first EP by The Black Keys. This is their last release for Alive Records, as the band switched to Fat Possum Records to publish Thickfreakness the previous year. Contains an alternate version of "Heavy soul", original version released on The Big Come Up CD.

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