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May 20, 2014

Turn Blue (Test Pressing)

Format:   LP, Test Pressing, poly-lined sleeve with data sticker

Label:   Pallas Group/Furnace MFG

Pressed:   March 11, 2014

Region:   US

Matrix Number:   1-542300

Pressed By:   Pallas

Info:   Test pressing LP, extremely rare.

Extras:   The Black Keys Turn Blue turntable slip mat

Track Listing:
A1. Weight Of Love
A2. In Time
A3. Turn Blue
A4. Fever
A5. Year In Review
B1. Bullet In The Brain
B2. It's Up To You Now
B3. Waiting On Words
B4. 10 Lovers
B5. In Our Prime
B6. Gotta Get Away

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