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May 22, 2014

He Put The Bomp! In The Bomp (CD)

Format:   CD, Standard Jewel case

Label:   Vivid Sound Corp

Released:   October 17, 2007

Region:   Japan

Catalog Number:   VSCD3416

Info:   This 23-track compilation is a remembrance of Greg Shaw and "his unique perspective". Alive/Bomp asked the bands to go into the studio and cut the cover song they felt was most in tune with the idea of the label.  The result is a nice brew of garage punk, power pop and psychedelia that "captures the spirit and sound of Bomp records".

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. Good Times - The Plimsouls
02. She's Just A Girl On The Block - The Briefs
03. Can't Find My Mind - The Black Keys
04. What's Wrong With You? - Lyres
05. I Gotta Way With Girls - The Fuzztones
06. I Wonder - Outrageous Cherry
07. Him Or Me - The Dukes Of Earl
08. Don't You Ever Think I Cry - Buffalo Killers
09. What A Way To Die - Nikki Corvette & The Hell On Heels
10. Screwed Up - SSM
11. The Trip - The Morning After Girls
12. I Just Want To Make Love To You - Radio Moscow
13. I'm Dissatisfied - The Loons
14. Slow Death - Brimstone Howl
15. Walking The Dog - Soledad Brothers
16. Chunk Of Steel - Stalkers
17. Sonic Reducer - Coffin Lids
18. Beat Your Heart Out - The Konks
19. Pablo Picasso - The Last
20. Kill City - Nikki Sudden & Captain Sensible
21. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) - The Barracudas
22. Life Of Crime - Dwarves
23. Hey Man - The Warlocks

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