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November 25, 2011

Lonely Boy - 2011 Record Store Day Limited Edition

Format:   120-gram Vinyl, Standard 12" jacket

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   November 25, 2011

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   529101-1

Info:   Released in commemoration of Record Store Day's "Back to Black" Friday event (November 25, 2011). The cover features an image of a bulldozer sitting on an empty tract of land. The lot was previously filled by the factory at which the group's 2004 album Rubber Factory was recorded. Michael Carney, the group's art director, went to take a photo of the factory but found that it had been demolished. (sealed)

Extras:   Reverse groove 12-inch single

"Back To Black" Friday Lonely Boy Single

Track Listing:
A. Lonely Boy
B. Run Right Back

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