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November 16, 2011

iTunes Session

Format:    Digital album

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   October 19, 2010

Catalog Number:   None

Info:   The Black Keys iTunes Session is a digital download album recorded in Toronto in August 2010 during the band's North American summer tour. This ten track digital album includes songs from the duo’s latest album , Brothers, as well as “Your Touch” from their 2006 album, Magic Potion, and opens with “Chop and Change,” which was recently featured on the soundtrack of film Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. Chop and Change
02. Everlasting Light
03. Howlin' for You
04. I'll Be Your Man
05. Next Girl
06. She's Long Gone
07. Sinister Kid
08. Tighten Up
09. Too Afraid to Love You
10. Your Touch

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