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March 29, 2012

Act Nice And Gentle

Format:   DVD

Label:   Coffee Tea or Me Records

Released:   2012

Catalog Number:  None

Info:   Live performance, TV appearance, and promotional video compilation

Extras:   None

Track Listing:
01. Your Touch
02. Just Got To Be
03. Strange Times
04. Same Old Thing
05. I Got Mine
06. Here I Am I Always Am
07. I Got Mine
08. Thickfreakness
09. Set You Free
10. Dan Auerbach Confronts Drunken "Frat Boys"
11. Act Nice and Gentle
12. Everlasting Light
13. Howlin' For You
14. Gold On The Ceiling
15. Tighten Up
16. Talk About Ohio 2010
17. The Flame
18. Tighten Up
19. Brothers Deluxe Webisode
20. Too Afraid To Love You
21. I Got Mine
22. Lonely Boy
23. Dan & Patrick Video Picks

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