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March 14, 2012

Greetings from AKRON OHIO - 2010 Record Store Day Limited Edition Bonus (Devo Split)

Format:   7" Vinyl, picture sleeve

Label:   Nonesuch

Released:   April 17, 2010

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   PRO-S-524180

Info:   This bonus single was available on April 17, 2010 to the first 200 people who emailed the address etched into the dead wax areas of the Devo and Black Keys 2010 Record Store Day exclusive 12" singles.  The email address had to be contacted in order obtain the promo code to receive the single.  Some were also available for purchase at the Black Keys Pop-Up Store at the Bookstore Café at 126 Crosby Street, New York City from May 19-22, 2010.
Extras:   None

Record Store Day Surprise

Track Listing:
A. Human Rocket (Devo)
B. Ohio (The Black Keys)

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