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June 30, 2017

Waiting On A Song (US LP)

Format:   LP, Standard LP jacket

Label:   Easy Eye Sound

Released:   June 2, 2017

Region:   US

Catalog Number:   EES-001

Pressed By:   Pallas - 43382

Info:   See the Waiting On A Song entry.  First pressing LP on standard black vinyl.

Extras:   Free download of entire album in MP3 format.

Track Listing:
 A1. Waiting On A Song
 A2. Malibu Man
 A3. Livin' In Sin
 A4. Shine On Me
 A5. King Of A One Horse Town
 B1. Never In My Wildest Dreams
 B2. Cherrybomb
 B3. Stand By My Girl
 B4. Undertow
 B5. Show Me

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