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August 6, 2012

The Big Come Up (Demo)

Format:   CD (cloned from an original demo CD created by Dan & Pat)

Label:   None

Year:   2001

Catalog Number:   None

Info:   This is the first recording of The Black Keys; only a dozen or so of these CDs were produced to send to record labels in the hopes of getting signed.  Contains raw versions of tracks that would be re-recorded for the commerically released album. A notable example is Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay, which would re-emerge as Busted.  Musically based on the song Skinny Woman by RL Burnside and lyrically on Cryin’ Wont Make Me Stay by RL Burnside and Catfish Blues. It also has a 240 Years Before Your Time-esque outro.


Track Listing:
01. The Moan
02. Run Me Down
03. Cryin' Won't Make Me Stay
04. Brooklyn Bound
05. Do The Rump
06. RC Cola Can Filled With Gas (Outro...)

A big thank you to CJ for this!!!!!!

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